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Di Bulan Sepuluh

Aku menantimu di bulan sepuluh
bersama keping-keping kenangan yang mulai rapuh

Aku menantimu di bulan sepuluh
menangisi rindu pada hatimu yang tak lagi utuh


Good Night Rhymes

Good night, Hot Hershey. Don’t be so long, you have my key.

Good night, tuna melt pizza. Marrying you is my first agenda.

Good night, mushrooms cream soup. Growing old with you is my only hope.

Good night, strawberry sparkling tea. To be with you is the only future I can see.


Rhyme in Crime

You remind me of hydrogen. Very light and colourless, love that I can’t even imagine.

You remind me of a beautiful sunrise. Having an ever after life with thee, is my morning hymn of praise.

You remind me of marshmallow. It’s sweet and gentle, but then pull me to the land of sorrow.

You remind me of nothing. Nothing compares to you.


Try To Rhyme

You remind me of volcano eruption. Suddenly trap me in your love fusion.

You remind me of tsunami. Full of anger and suddenly wipes the smile upon me.

You remind me of earthquake. A sudden energy that make me couldn’t stop to shake.

You remind me of snow. Cold-hearted guy that discolored the rainbow and broke the vow.


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