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SIGN (review)

This week, I was preoccupied with watching the Korean series titled ‘Sign’. As I’ve told before, I bought this DVD because the story is about forensic doctors, it seems pretty exciting. Moreover, I’ve ever watched Pathology. I was hoping this series will be a little sadistic too x))


This series consist of 20 episodes. Beginning with the murder of actress Seo Yoon-Hyung, which is the beginning of the meeting dr. Yoon Ji-Hoon and dr. Goo Da-Kyung. Doctors Yoon Ji-Hoon is one of the forensic physician in an institution of the National Forensic Service, known as a fierce doctor, idealistic and have a principle, “We solely aspire for scientific truth”. Meanwhile, Goo Da-Kyung is a general practitioner who are interested in the forensic world. This series plot is a little cliche indeed, just like the concept of Surgeon Bong Dal-He or Team Medical Dragon, a perfectionist-asocial doctor who tended to be paired with a  ’mediocre’ one. But usually, this contrary character such as will cause some chemistries 😉

Seo Yoon-Hyung case underwent hibernation. It seems that a suspect was the daughter of one of the President candidates, Kang Seo-Yeon. And director of NFS at the time, dr. Jung Byung-Do, was pushed by his partner (Dr. Lee Myung-Han) to falsify the results of the autopsy for the ‘interests of NFS’. Lee Myung-Han became the ‘enemy’ of Yoon Ji-Hoon in almost every case throughout the series. Lee Myung-Han actually is not bad people. As I said earlier, someone does something for reasons.

On his way as a forensic physician, Yoon Ji-Hoon assisted by Goo Da-Kyung, Jung Woo-Jin prosecutor and Detective Choi Yi-Han. Case by case is resolved, but Seo Yoon-Hyung case remains a mystery. This case was raised again in the middle of the episode, but failed to be solved, and at last, settled in the final episode.

The flow of this series is quite unique. I could say, this plot was imitating the flow of Sherlock Holmes, back and forth, according to the terms of what needs to be known by viewers ‘at that time’. Imagination of these medical examiners were also played well, from predicting the behavior of the suspects, until the illness that may be owned by them. Internal conflicts also showed up well on each character. That ‘a forensic doctor should eliminate subjective feelings while performing an autopsy on the bodies’ gives some conflicts in Yoon Ji-Hoon and Goo Da-Kyung while they have to deal with his own feelings.

The bodies that used in the autopsy are also very convincing. Reportedly, they spent about 120 million won to make a dummy body (approximately 950 million rupiahs). Maybe I can bring home a dummy, Seo-Hyun Yoon one, as a friend in my room x))

But alas, there should be special training in using forensic tools. Quite simply, the way Goo Da-Kyung holds a scalpel. You should hold the scalpel like holding a pen, rather like squeezing coconut milk. The hair of prosecutor Jung Woo-Jin remains intact after trepanation surgery. Or did (on the story) she use a special hair tonic? [lost focus]


In this series, all of cases rely on the new bodies (dummies). It might be more interesting if the case of drowning, fires, infanticide are also included. There was one case that focused on the importance of the time of death estimation. I would say, that maybe, it would be more complicated if they used drowning, fires and/or infanticide condition, including an estimate of whether the death occurred before or after the bodies of drowned / fire.

This series likely want to touch the romance side less than the other drama. I think, the romance part is quite sweet and romantic. Well … at least for people who are daily engaged in the world of crime, the scenes were able to make you smile. Humors in this series are also quite entertaining. There are parts that actually were predictable, but still funny without diminishing the substance of the story.

What makes this series interesting is actor Lee Myung-Han (Jeon Kwang-Leol, starring Raja Kum-Wa in the Ju Mong series) also have no doubt his acting [try to pay attention on his nose, it’s new x)) ].

The ending of this series … such an emotionally arousing. I still can’t believe, but it seems like there’s no better ending than this. I don’t need to give you spoilers, just watch! Aired in Korea in November 2010, completed in March 2011. Good rating, always enter the Top 5. Worth watching! Overall, I give my rating 4/5 for the series.

Okay. Thank you for reading my review. Happy watching!

The bodies of victims of crime may save a message for those who live, and want them to express it.”


Park Shin Yang as Yoon Ji Hoon
Kim Ah Joong as Go Da Kyung
Uhm Ji Won as Jung Woo Jin
Jung Gyu Woon as Choi Yi Han
Jun Kwang Ryul as Lee Myung Han
Song Jae Ho as Jung Byung Do
Jang Hyun Sung as Jang Min Suk
Ahn Moon Sook as Hong Sook Joo
Jung Eun Pyo as Kim Wan Tae
Im Ho Gul (임호걸) as Jang Jae Young
Moon Chun Shik as Ahn Sung Jin
Kwon Byung Gil as Goo Sung Tae
Lee Jung Hun as Joo In Hyuk
Kim Kyung Bum (김경범) as Park Tae Gyu
Jung Seung Ho as Go Kang Shik
Kim Young Sun (김영선) as Jung Eun Mo
Hwang Sun Hee as Kang Seo Yeon
Park Young Ji as Kang Joon Hyuk
Kim Eung Soo as superintendent prosecutor
Yoo Hee Jung as Mi Young
Kim Han Joon (김한준) as Kang Yong Hwa
Oh Hyun Chul as Woo Jae Won

Production Credits

Producer: Choi Moon Suk
Director: Jang Hang Joon (장항준) (1-10), Kim Young Min (김영민), Kim Hyung Sik (11-20)
Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee, Jang Hang Joon (11-20)

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