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after all this time

To Severus Snape

Hello, Sev. How are you today? I know that this is not page 394. I’m just trying to remember your deep-heavy-cold voice when you said this. For me, that was incredibly sexy.

I dream that you’re still here, teaching us how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death1. Many times, I wish you didn’t die. I frequently pretend that maybe you just fell asleep from drinking too much of the Draught of the Living Death potion. But then I realize, my imagination is too good to be true.

From the first time you emerged in Harry Potter’s life, you always acted as an evil teacher. You have the cold and dark eyes, curved-hostile lips, a creepy crooked nose, and slick black hair. Your long black cloak could be waving a nightmare for all who see. You’re totally an malicious wizard, Sev. I know you knew that.

Honestly, I really wanted to hate you who were too concerned about the purity of blood. You fail to recognize that it matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be2. I wanted to satisfy my anger to you who always gave difficulty to The Golden Trio. I would love to vent my wrath on you that always hurt Neville Longbottom. But there were always reasons for me to believe in you. There was something between the lines. It was you that too brilliant to keep it. But however, I agree with Hermione that Dumbledore trusts you, and if we can’t trust Dumbledore, we can’t trust anyone3.

You’d been judged as a sly Slytherin. Moreover, you were a Death Eater. Or maybe people just are too determined to hate4.

But after all this time, I was wrong for ever doubting your loyalty, Sev.

In fact, you beared the loyalty that was also a torment for the rest of your life. You dared to be in the most dangerous position as a double agent for Voldemort and Dumbledore. You risked your life for the sake of protecting the son of the woman you love.

And finally, a word ‘Always5‘ explained everything. You protected the woman who never knew how much you loved her. You protected a child that couldn’t be protected by her, even if it meant you had to protect a son of your enemy. You’re a part of the greatest love story in the world, Sev. It’s a totally beautiful (never been told) love between you and Harry’s mother. And, I think you should know that most people want to say ‘Always’ rather than ‘Yes’ after they were proposed with ‘Will you marry me?’ sentence. Your single word changed everything. Seriously.

Harry once said that you’re a coward. But you’re the bravest, Sev. Even Harry’s son was named after you as an honor for the bravest Slytherin we know. Your dark past had been misinterpreted as a bad trail for you. But you know, I sometimes think we sort too soon6.

There are so many things that I want to say to you. And I don’t know whether this letter can represent everything. Perhaps, Lily Evans’s love is not what you get. All people made mistakes in love. Or mistakes in making a choice. And people learns from them. It is not our abilities that show what we truly are. It is our choices7. At last, you chose to fight for your love. And now all the people in this world love you as a hero.


Lots of love



1 – Severus Snape, HP and Sorcerer’s Stone

2 – Albus Dumbledore, HP and Goblet of Fire

3 – Hermione Granger, HP and Order of Phoenix

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5 – Severus Snape, HP and Deathly Hallows

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  1. Jujur, aku bukan penggemar berat dari HP, chil… (krn badanku udah berat, halah!) tapi pas baca cerita soal cintanya Snape ke Lily, aku mewek. Bagian itu aku baca berulang kali, tetep aja bikin mewek 😥

  2. Aku bukan penggemar berat HP, chil… (krn badanku udah berat, halah!) tapi pas baca cerita soal cintanya Snape ke Lily, aku mewek. Aku baca berulang kali, tetep aja mewek 😥

    • Kamu harus baca satu bab di Deathly Hallows. Ah lupa namanya… That’s the best love story ever lah pokoknya :”)))

      • bab soal cerita jujurnya Snape cinta Lily, bukan? misal emang itu, ya pas bagian itu lah aku jadi mewek :”)))

      • Iyaaah! Ah JK Rowling memang pinter membuat perasaan campur aduk hanya dalam satu bab :’)))

  3. Waaa…
    Memang mbak Nina gilaaak!!
    Padahal cuma gini thok (gini thok iku piye?) tapi jadi surat cinta yg membahana..

  4. Aw! Love that highlight!

  5. Hulala… Severus Snape, si rambut berminyak ternyata memiliki fans!
    Congrats you guys! XD~

    • Yep. I am a big fans of him! :’D
      Tengkyu sudah mampir yah ^^

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